Reclaiming Hacks

Reclaiming Hacks by Hadley Stern — The O’Reilly Hacks series has stirred a controversy that usually extends no further than the front cover of a book. The hacking spirit, not the promotion of illegal activities, is being reclaimed through each one of these books. The curious nature of the hacker ethic, whether prompted by a sheer spark of genius or the urge of an annoyance, celebrates rolling up the sleeves and taking action. Hadley Stern, author of iPod and iTunes Hacks, takes a stab at clarification and discusses the issues he faced while writing his book.

I am a hacker. (Jargon File, I’m a hacker in the classic sense; I’m a hacker in the jargon file sense. I’ve been called a hacker by others, it’s a name I take with pride.
Geek, Hacker, Troll… call me what you like.

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  1. Mark Hergott said:

    Say, have you ever seen that utter crime against humanity, the Angelina Jolie film “Hackers”? Very few movies make me want to cause other human beings physical harm, but that one pushes all the right buttons in all the right sequences.

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