Attendance at GA

Philocrites: Meet your fellow Philocritics in person!
I, Donald Wilson, am entering the UU Blogsphere. So to answer the questions:

1. How many liberal religious bloggers (plus commenters and fans) are in the greater Boston area who would enjoy getting together sometime this spring for real-live conviviality? A party, in other words.

2. How many Unitarian Universalist bloggers in the greater Boston area would enjoy a more UU-blog-focused get-together?

According to Google Maps I’m 755 miles from Boston, so I don’t think I could get together with others there.

3. How many UU bloggers are planning to attend the General Assembly in Fort Worth in June? (I’ll bring this up again in a month or so to see if there’s interest in a GA conversation about UU blogging.)

I will be at GA, as (hopefully) a delegate, candidate, blogger, and activist for spirituality.
What can we as bloggers who will be at GA do to ensure our data connectivity? I’ve been searching with limited success for WiFi enabled areas. I think the UUA should give us access in the Plenary hall.

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