Found Quotes…

“I am a free prince and have as much authority to make war on the whole
world as he who has a hundred sail of ships and an army of a hundred
thousand men in the field. And this my conscience tells me; that there
is no arguing with such sniveling puppies who allow superiors to kick them about the deck at pleasure, and pin their faith upon the pimp of a parson, a squab who neither practices nor believes what he puts upon the
chuckle-headed fools he preaches to.” –Black Sam Bellamy, pirate
captain of the Whydah
I had not heard of this pirate before someone on the OpenBSD mailing lists sent this quote in. An interesting set of thoughts in that I think.

1 comment
  1. Mark Hergott said:

    I think my favorite pirate would have to be Jean Lafitte. Or Captain Crunch, depending on how hungry I am.

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