Hope is restored

Categories haven’t been working for about a week. Each individual post was fine, but the category pages have been nonexistant. I had attempted to change the way they function, and after I’d made a couple changes, couldn’t reverse the change.
Also, you may notice that there are now Google ads on the side of the page. These are, I hope, unobtrusive while noticable. There will be no flashing banners, swat the fly, or click the badger ads here. Google’s AdSense programme tailors the ads according to the content of the pages. Thus, you should see ads from companies that revolve around the topics of my posts. As of this writing, I’ve seen VOIP services, and blogging software.
The ThinkGeek link and forthcoming BookSense.com link are also companies I am an affiliate for, and will be subdivided into their own sidebox.
According to Google Hacks, I should be adding 100+ words of new content a day, in order to raise my pages ranks in Google. Thus, one good post a day, and in time, you, dear reader, will be able to google for “Donald Wilson” and get this site on the front page.


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