See what happens when you don’t stay alert?

GA Planning Committee Minutes
The UUA’s General Assembly is shifting from it’s current Thursday through Monday schedule, to a Wednesday through Sunday schedule, starting in St. Loius 2006.
This caught me off-guard at first, as I’ve heard nothing about this before reading the January 2005 minutes, but a bit of reflection leads me to an understanding of goodness here. I’ve downloaded these minutes twice now but this was my first option to truly read thru them start to finish. I just wish more minutes were available. I’d go through a decade of them if I could, in preperation for both the election and serving on the GA Planning Committee.
Also, there is a prize for the first person to comment to this post with the name of the person I’ve quoted in the Title of this post. Naming the exact episode is not required.

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  1. Thanks for alerting me to this as well. I didn’t even know and I work at the UUA! It was probably just a recent decision eh?

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