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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy | The Register
A fair review, without spoilers (but some hints for things to look for). I’m seeing it tonight.


Radical Hapa: GA every other year?

I believe GA could be even larger if it was every other year, and the time and money spent in the off-year could truly mobilize and transform district, statewide and regional UU relations.

The concept is one I’m familiar with too, and an idea I would be interested to discuss with other candidates for the GA Planning committee.

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This short bio of me is taken from the Elections page at UU World Magazine.

Donald has worked in the Michigan and Heartland districts for over eight years on the youth, young adult, and communications committees and as part of the group reimagining district programming in the creation of the Heartland District. Currrently working as a K–12 swim coach and tech support at an Internet service provider, he has faith in our ability to come together for the common good and a tenacious willingness to work towards that end.

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Tim Fitz has a blog. He’s been a YRUU leader and an intereting voice in the UU world for the past couple years. I just posted on his blog a response to what he posted about recent happenings with the YRUU Steering Committee and the UUA staff.
The Church of the Younger Fellowship has a domain and site, if not much of anything in the way of content. Here’s to the CYFers out there.
UU World Magazine has announced that it will go Quarterly starting with the September issue, and have weekly (ie more frequent than now) updates to it’s site. I’m of mixed minds on this. One of the problems UUism has already is it’s lack of exposure to the non-UU world. I’ll be pleased if going Quarterly also involves getting UUWorld increasing its print numbers so it sends copies to Libraries and we get on the shelves of bookstores. I wonder if we could get Booksense and its member stores to stock us?

NPR : This I Believe
I’ve heard over the years much of Murrow’s original essays, and am quite excited to hear that this programme is being conducted again.
I hope NPR can find a way of getting the essays published in papers, and re boradcast on other radio stations, as THEN this could have as much a impact as the original.

The following has been taken from Joseph Santos-Lyon’s blog at:
Radical Hapa: Youth Ministry Associate
Jesse Jaeger Director of the UUA Youth Office informed me this afternoon that this letter from UUA President is officially public. I support the Youth Office in their efforts to manage both the transition and their professional responsibilities.

April 11, 2005
Dear YRUU Steering Committee,
The events of the recent Steering Committee meeting may very well reflect anxiety about change and uncertainty about power as we engage in a process of examining our ministry to and with youth.
Whatever the reasons, the Steering Committee’s demand that UUA staff leave the meeting so that SC alone could decide on the September YPS recommendation was clearly outside the boundaries of established procedures. Excluding the people who would work with and be responsible for the YPS staff, and refusing to discuss the issues interfering with collaboration, moved SC outside of right relationship with UUA staff to an extent that needs to be acknowledged. At this point, proceeding with “business as usual” is not possible.

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I’ve not seen any discussion in the UU blososphere about the elections at this upcoming General Assembly in Forth Worth. I’ll state up front that I’m running for GA Planning Committee at General Assembly this year, but this post I’m submitting as a catalyst for online discussion.
There is a UUA Page about the elections, with the slate as it will be presented to the delegates attending GA and mailed to congregations ahead of time. Missing from the linked ballot are the positions of President, Moderator, and Financial Advisor. There is no contest for those positions.
The only contested elections at GA follow, with the Nominating Committee nominee’s marked * :
Commission on Social Witness – two to be elected

  • *Catherine Blue
  • *David May
  • Jan Carlsson-Bull

Planning Committee – four to be elected , 4-year term

  • *Barbara Atlas
  • *Fred Cole
  • *Donald Wilson
  • Carol Agate
  • Lynda Bluestein
  • Karen Araujo

I’m waiting, rather impatiently, for the May/June issue of the UU World Magazine and it’s section on the elections, now available online. It also has a listing of the entire slate, candidate bios, and statements if issued by the candidates.
I was surprised how little I heard off the elections before those in Cleveland in 2001. I heard very little, and saw less, in my congregation at the time. My only information came from the UU World, and I didn’t have a CLUE who I was going to vote for until I go TO GA, watched the forums, and read the fliers. At that time, I was woefully ignorant of the UU Blogosphere, and I’m sure it was in it’s infancy then.
Here’s looking forward to blog-based debates. Who is going to harness the power of the internet before GA, like a UU Howard Dean? Maybe I need to get some videos online…

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