Blogging, Journaling, and being and Information Junkie

My Blog, My Outboard Brain by Cory Doctorow — Cory Doctorow explains how blogging has given direction and reward to his “knowledge grazing,” creating a repository that helps him connect the dots in the flow of information around him. This column is an excerpt from the upcoming O’Reilly book Essential Blogging.

The above is my goal. To do this I so need to further refine my blog mechanics and practice. I’m finding some of the tools I learned in my class Journal Workshop to be helpful in this sense. The Categorization is one such tool, similar to keeping multiple journals for different kinds of writing.
I’m looking about my desk and seeing all these books, being reminded of the need to properly organize them as well, to facilitate at the least my ability to organize the flow of information in and out of my brain. Books is the platform for doing this, but as yet I’ve been unable to not destory a CueCAT bar code reader in the process to facilitate speedier entry into the database.
With Queen playing in the background, I’ll leave this post for the moment to go organize a bit more thought process.

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  1. i still have such a mess of books too. i just got a stamp to put my initials in the ones that are mine. i’ve also taken to reading books on a little plastic stand i got at amazon. peace out

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