UU Elections, 2005

I’ve not seen any discussion in the UU blososphere about the elections at this upcoming General Assembly in Forth Worth. I’ll state up front that I’m running for GA Planning Committee at General Assembly this year, but this post I’m submitting as a catalyst for online discussion.
There is a UUA Page about the elections, with the slate as it will be presented to the delegates attending GA and mailed to congregations ahead of time. Missing from the linked ballot are the positions of President, Moderator, and Financial Advisor. There is no contest for those positions.
The only contested elections at GA follow, with the Nominating Committee nominee’s marked * :
Commission on Social Witness – two to be elected

  • *Catherine Blue
  • *David May
  • Jan Carlsson-Bull

Planning Committee – four to be elected , 4-year term

  • *Barbara Atlas
  • *Fred Cole
  • *Donald Wilson
  • Carol Agate
  • Lynda Bluestein
  • Karen Araujo

I’m waiting, rather impatiently, for the May/June issue of the UU World Magazine and it’s section on the elections, now available online. It also has a listing of the entire slate, candidate bios, and statements if issued by the candidates.
I was surprised how little I heard off the elections before those in Cleveland in 2001. I heard very little, and saw less, in my congregation at the time. My only information came from the UU World, and I didn’t have a CLUE who I was going to vote for until I go TO GA, watched the forums, and read the fliers. At that time, I was woefully ignorant of the UU Blogosphere, and I’m sure it was in it’s infancy then.
Here’s looking forward to blog-based debates. Who is going to harness the power of the internet before GA, like a UU Howard Dean? Maybe I need to get some videos online…

  1. Donald said:

    Making sure the comments work before I get slammed…

  2. Karen Araujo said:

    Hi, Donald O’Bloggin-ers ~
    I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Karen Araujo…running for UUA GA planning committee. It’s not a big power position, but if you are interested in contacting me…I’m happy to anwer any questions you may have. I’d love and appreciate having your vote.
    Peace and blessings,

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