Recent Online UUism

Tim Fitz has a blog. He’s been a YRUU leader and an intereting voice in the UU world for the past couple years. I just posted on his blog a response to what he posted about recent happenings with the YRUU Steering Committee and the UUA staff.
The Church of the Younger Fellowship has a domain and site, if not much of anything in the way of content. Here’s to the CYFers out there.
UU World Magazine has announced that it will go Quarterly starting with the September issue, and have weekly (ie more frequent than now) updates to it’s site. I’m of mixed minds on this. One of the problems UUism has already is it’s lack of exposure to the non-UU world. I’ll be pleased if going Quarterly also involves getting UUWorld increasing its print numbers so it sends copies to Libraries and we get on the shelves of bookstores. I wonder if we could get Booksense and its member stores to stock us?


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