Who is Donald Wilson?

This short bio of me is taken from the Elections page at UU World Magazine.

Donald has worked in the Michigan and Heartland districts for over eight years on the youth, young adult, and communications committees and as part of the group reimagining district programming in the creation of the Heartland District. Currrently working as a K–12 swim coach and tech support at an Internet service provider, he has faith in our ability to come together for the common good and a tenacious willingness to work towards that end.

The above is a good briefing. I’ve worked as district Registrar and communications Officer for the Michigan District Youth Adult Committee, assisting in the planning and operation of conferences of over 200 youth and adults. As the Heartland District was created, I worked as a facilitator in reimagining, designing, and implementing a new Youth ministry structure.

During my time involved in district youth leadership, I became adept at managing the UUA email lists, and now manage over a dozen UUA and UUYAN lists, including one for delegates from the Church of the Larger Fellowship.

Most currently, I’ve been re-engaged in district events, one of the members of the new Heartland Young Adult and Campus Ministry Steering Committee. It’s our hope to build on the small, but vibrant, campus groups we have spread throughout and popping up all over our district, showing the young adults that there IS life in UUism after YRUU, and our congregations can be welcoming, spiritual havens for them.

This past GA, I was delighted to see the emphasis and support that the UUA staff and GA Planning Committee provided to get a larger number of congregational presidents to GA than had ever attended before. That invitation has again been extended. I’ve long been a proponant of bringing the people who do the same work together from all parts of our UU world. Never have I learned so much about my own thoughts and actions, and those of my district leadership compatriots as when I was interviewing leaders from other districts, and reviewing a decade of their minutes, resolutions, and assorted documents. Yes Virginia, I am a UU Buisness Geek.

But I’m a geek in all walks of life. There’s always a computer open on my desk being tinkered with, sound cables strewn through a room as one more bit of equipment is hooked up, holes in my dashboard and updates (visible or not) to this website and others. As tech suppport for an Internet Service Provider, I work day in and out with the realities of long established and impromptu networks, troubles with streaming video and audio feeds, troublesome web site updates and broken code. Each evening during the week, I’ll expound at my swimmers about how best they can move the water around them to reach the opposite end of the pool more quickly, citing my paper on the physics of swimming, and studies from Eastern Michigan University on how all sports, and swimming in particular, can affect our bodies for good and ill.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, concerns and dreams about our UU movment and General Assembly. Send me an email or post a comment here, and I will respond in kind.

In Faith,
Donald Wilson
Candidate for GA Planning Committee


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