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Radical Hapa is Joseph Santos-Lyons: Chalice Revolution (YRUU) Unitarian Universalist youth unhappy with YRUU
It seems a group of Continental YRUU Leaders have taken on their own steering committee in an attempt to bring some balance back to things, and ensure the new Steering Committee is truly representative of the Youth Council’s mind, and can work properly with the UUA.
I am TRULY happy to see this. I may not be the biggest fan of the structures in YRUU, but seeing a group of respected youth attempt to fix their own broken system is one that could have easily not happened. Here’s to them.


I’ve watched events in UUism, the UUA, and YRUU evolve over time. Over the past 10 years, much has happened. Today, there are debates in congregations, districts, and within the Association about how YRUU and UU ministry interact, and their meaning to each other.
In many ways, YRUU has become a much more powerful, integral, and influential entity within the UUA. This is definitely where I think Youth ministry belongs, but I begin to wonder if there has been too much dependence and focus on the institutions of YRUU, as opposed to its missions. A later post will address those issues, from here out we’ll look at YRUU in the HUUD (aka Heartland UU District for those of you not in on the joke).
A lot of what’s happening now in the HUUD is linked to the creation of the Heartland to begin with.

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