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From a post on Joey Lyon’s blog.

When items are cross-posted it is quite amazing the referral readership.

So True, thanks for the links.

(around 1994) … Back then we had pine, could “finger” people and chat IRL with all text base commands and functions. We use top of the line Macintosh, but still it was extremely slow.

I used to use Pine as my primary mail programme. I’ve since moved to Mutt on the command line and Thunderbird as my GUI client. Finger, FTP, Gopher and Talk were (and ARE!) all wonderful protocols.

I remember begininng to track email addresses at the Western UU Reunion/Experience for Young Adults in 1994. Only a handful of folks had them. My first email address that I paid for was joeylyons@aol.com which now seems like a dream given that most folks don’t get their “name” @ anything on AOL or most other major servers. … Can’t remember who I got into a “flame war” with (does anyone say flame anymore online?), but it got very detailed. Wish I could read those old files, wonder if anyone has them.

That’s why I registered donaldwilson.info. I wanted my name as my email so it’d be easier for people to remember. And yes, Joey, there are still flame wars, even in UU circles. I’ve lost a majority of my conversations and emails, through the course of several crashes, backup disasters, and recently a foolish mistake involving a bad backup.


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