My GA Plans

Joey posted what his plans were for GA, and I thought it wasn’t a bad idea.
As a delegate from the Church of the Larger Fellowship, I’ll be going to all the Pleenary sessions. I’m sure I’ll get up to the mics at least once, as I have every year except Boston, when I wasn’t a delegate.
As a candidate for GA Planning Committee, I also have the plan of getting elected, so I’ll be at my Heartland in gathering on Friday, the Candidates Forum on Saturday, and likely hanging out Sunday passing out literature near the polls.
There are FOUR workshops on Friday morning that I REALLY want to go to, and none of them get repeated at any other times. This is very unfair. The Pete Seeger sing along #2031, CLF Worship Service #2051, Adventures in Shared Leadership #2045 with Sinkford and Gini (that’s the local shorthand for President Rev. Bill Sinkford and Moderator Gini Courter), and The Other Side of the Bridge #2039. Thank goodness the next time slot has only one (Growing UU via the Web #2064, w/ Gini and Denny Davidoff), or I’d go crazy(er), but conflicts with the first Young Adult Caucus meeting, so who knows where I’ll end up.
I’ll add to this later as I read through further.


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