Story of Sliz

Story of Sliz:

I have no idea who Sarah Elizabeth is! She’s linked to this blog, is a UU, but try as I might I can’t figure out who she is, if indeed I’ve ever met her. Maybe she’ll be at GA next week (OMG! Next week?! I’m gonna go nuts in the next 72 hours). Her website is very nice however, so go take a look! I’ll give a warning to dial-up users that it’ll take a moment for her pages to load, as they are a bit graphic heavy, and PHP based at that.

Welcome readers!

  1. Nope you don’t know me, and nope I won’t be at GA (poor grad student lacking time and money and all). I think I found your blog by way of Radical Hapa. And I’m still just sort of dumping everything I come across that’s interesting into bloglines.
    I should do something about the slowness of the site. I wasn’t quite prepared for how much php would slow things down when I did the original design. But it’s so easy to update everything as it’s currently set up that I half want to just let dial up folks suffer. See what happens? Give a girl DSL and she totally forgets her dialup roots.

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