Welcome to the New Internet

This post comes as a result of seeing this post on Slashdot.

RSS is nothing new to me, although I am by far not an extensive user of it (yet), but I dabble. I had heard of del.icio.us, and a few of the tools I use have support for it. One of the reasons I DON’T use it as much as I would, is because the UUA doesn’t provide any RSS, and is in fact stuck in 1998 when it comes to it’s website and web applications. As for del.icio.us, it is the ultimate in online bookmarking systems. It allows one, via a pair of bookmark buttons one puts in their browser, to bookmark pages on the website instead of the bookmarks menu built into the programme. From that point, not only can one get to the bookmarks froom anywhere in the world with a ‘net connection, other people can see what you’ve marked, and visit the same sites. If that wasn’t enough, you can see what OTHER people have bookmarked the same or similar to yourself, AND THEN (by leaps and bounds we go on) subscribe to the bookmark list via their favourite RSS reader, which in my case happens to be Thunderbird. I would be bookmarking my massive pr0n collection, but for most things, del.icio.us is tempting.

Also not-new but not well utilised by Me is Technorati, which keeps track of what’s going on in the blogging world in real time. As a blog updates, it pings Technorati, so if you type in the address of a page in the Technorati search box, you’ll see all the sites that are linking to that page, sorted chronologically.

As I streamline the processes of my data consumption (which in turn should allow me to increase the amount of information I consume, and [by leaps and bounds] increase what I can expound and pontificate upon you, dear reader [Which is all in accordance with Guy Kawasaki‘s rule “Eat like a bird, Shit like an elephant”, as found in Rules for Revolutionaries]), it looks like I will be using these tools more, and providing you, my readers, with links to those services.

  1. Speaking of RSS I had a hard time figuring out how to get RSS feeds from your blog. I would highly recomend setting up the header tag of format:
    <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml”…
    and possibly posting a link for feeds. I eventually did get the site added to http://webuus.com/uunews but only by looking up the help on Movable Type and finding the typical RSS feed url, which did work.

  2. Donald said:

    I will look into that. I’m also setting up a feed per category, thus JUST the UU section could be added to UU related feeds (Although I suppose there are a number of UUs interested in my Geek section)

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