What are the tools of a Geek?

I’ve thought for a while that I should write about what runs this website, the servers I refer to now and then, and generally what kinds of things this geek does.

Right now, for uptime purposes, this site is being operated on a Linux server at Provide.Net. Linux is not my preferred Open Source, Unix-like operating system. I prefer the BSD (Berkley Software Distribution) operating systems. Specifically, and for desktop purposes, Mac OS X from Apple. I have a 12-inch Powerbook that I do most all my work on.

My servers hatter, alice, and walrus all have OpenBSD on them. My preference for OpenBSD stems from the stated goals of the development team. Their focus on security, and as stated in the FAQ, “the man pages are considered the authoritative source of information for OpenBSD”, entices me. I’m a big believer in complete, good quality documentation for all things in life, and I really don’t think I need to share everything of my digital life with the whole world.

The extra software on my servers to run the various services include

On my laptop, most of my work is done in

  • Firefox for web browsing
  • Thunderbird and Mutt for email
  • SubEthaEdit for all text and HTML editing
  • Fugu for Secure FTP
  • ecto for management of this blog and other sites I work on that use MovableType
  • I’m a fond user of Adobe products for document creation and design work.

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