YRUU Takes on its own, Part II

This is in direct response to comments on Philocrites, found here

Are our generations so far apart that the older one cannot recognize our need to be accepted and supported like ya’ll were?

No, they are not. I also don’t want the current or future YRUU accepted and supported like “my” YRUU generation was.

I had to deal with a UUA that accepted what the Steering Committee claimed, even when every youth leader in my district disagreed. I had to deal with a Steering Committee that regularly violated rules and covenants, such as the GA Spirit Committee, and would publish into their minutes the full debate and outcome of such meetings, including names, without respect to any of the people involved. Then, the same Steering Committee would get the loudest voice when it came time to selecting the people to replace them, and we all watched as the next group did the same thing. This kind of thing, thankfully, is happening less, and the traces of it have been wiped from the archive on the Youth Office website.

That’s all we want, maybe “Steering Committee is not in right relation with the UUA”…the term UUA could mean a lot of things. Does it mean Bill Sinkford or the Board of Trustees or the WHOLE of the UUA? Because the first two have to power to work to be right with Steering Committee and it is THEIR job to do so. As the underprivileged part of the UUA, it is not OUR job to be in “right relation”. It is wholely on the group that holds the most power.

Sorry, this doesn’t work. It is NEVER a one side or the other scenario, and ALWAYS a “who does what, where is the ground we meet on” one. The group that has the most power does not have to accept everything the so-called underpriviledged says or does. I personally would like to hear exactly how and what the Steering Committee has been doing to get out of Right Relations, but everyone seems tight lipped on the subject.

We ALL know that external conditions placed on Steering Committee and the YRUU will not be resolved happily. In order for peace to be acheived, both sides have to reach an agreement but the side that has the most power must be willing to sacrifice the most.

Do we know that? I don’t know that. I’ve seen many cases where external conditions had to be met. I dealt with them as a youth leader in Michigan; I dealt with them as we constructed a new district structure for the Heartland; I’ve dealt with them as a consultant for youth groups and YRUU leader groups through our association.
Both sides do need to reach an agreement. As for your last comment, I don’t agree, but I don’t disagree. Only after we know what the actual PROBLEM is can we determine that. We are all operating under a situation of limited information. I’m waiting for more to come out.
Lastly: Even if there are a couple names on that resolution, the Steering Committee is not the be-all and end-all entity of YRUU. They do not control anything. They exist to SERVE the body of YRUU, which is supposedly (but only marginally) represented by the Youth Council. If there is a call from a group of concerned Youth leaders, then everyone needs to take it seriously. The only way I could take the proposal more seriously, was if it was signed by 100 youth from across our association who are NOT represented by the YC, or their district YAC’s, etc.
I just want to see a cohesive Youth Ministry system that truly serves ALL UU Youth, and ALL of UUism, as opposed to the fragmented system we have now.


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