UUA General Assembly 2005 Day -1

We got up late, which meant no visit to Bombadill’s this morning. Grump. There was a warehouse fire in greater Detroit this morning, so the Wolverine 351 to Chicago was just a wee bit late. This is being written about 45 minutes out from Chicago, and I’ve already decided that yes, this was most decidedly the right choice for transport. I am completely UNstressed right now.

Texas Eagle 21 to Chicago – Fort Worth, 1630 EDT

I tried posting the above while I was in Chicago, but the Caribou Coffee where I got my fix for the day (caffiene, nothing illegal, as much as I make my [mild] caffiene addiction sound that way) was not free, $3 for a couple hours, and worst of all, provided by SBC. Bastards.

Lunch today was at the Haifa Cafe, which has 4 locations in Chicago, and serve great Mediterranian food. Tessie and I both had the Combo Plate, which included 2 meats, rice, hummus, a large fallafle, and salad. Meats included chicken swarma, chicken kabob, gyro meat, roast turkey, or fallafle (which according to the guy behind the counter, isn’t meat, but counts as a meat in this instance, strangely. We don’t ask questions.)

At this point, I could really use another latte, but we didn’t have enough time to hunt down a coffee stand at Union Station. According to our conductor, not all cars have been updated yet. This means there are no power outlets at the seats (there were on the cramped, short distance coach car from A2 to Chicago), and in fact none in the lounge car either. There is a power outlet somewhere up front, so at some point we can plug a laptop in up there to charge its batteries. I do wish Apple provided an external battery charger for their laptop batteries.


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