GA Day 1

This post will be edited several times through the day.

Once again, hotels are booked solid. More than I thought previously. There are people (including Chris Trace of the Commission on Social Witness who RUN a good chunk of the business at GA) who are driving an hour in from Dallas each morning. Also, everything within 2 blocks of the convention centre closes by 5 or 6 in the evening. When will the GA Planning Committee learn to look at local stores and their hours, especially those within walking distance? At least this year there are things near the hotels, unlike in Nashville. Last night we attempted to eat at the Cactus bar and Grill, and were ignored for over 10 minutes at our table. No one even came by to tell us they were our server. So we left and went to Chilis instead and had a wonderful waiter who helped me select Rahr’s Red, a local beer. Very good.

There are a few places with free internet access that I’ve found, although none close to the hotel yet. I’m in Kinko’s now doing work for the YA/CM booth, and using the free access here. The Houston Street Coffee House has it and good coffee, but closes at 5pm. The Cyber Cafe in the GA Exhibit Hall will be another place to frequent.

The Corner Bakery Cafe is WONDERFUL. They have awesome bagels, are friendly, and make my drinks right. There may be net access there as well, from the Mariott above it.

NEWS FLASH BATMAN! There is a small market on Throckmorton, for the people that need to buy groceries.

Lunch time
Coffee Haus again, this time sitting, waiting for sandwiches for myself and to deliver to Tessie. This place is packed with UUs. Coffee Coffee Coffee indeed. I’ve met with several people. Chris Trace is scheduled to meet w/ the Young Adult caucus tomorrow, wearing both his YA and Social Witness hats. He deserves it. He’s put so much work into the Social Witness group, he’s had to forgo much of his YA self. I’m hoping as his term ends, he’ll he able to be that young adult. Tim Murphy, Susan and Robert Smith, JohnnyFire and Erik David I’ve all come across. Still no sign of Miss Gini. I had a brief meeting with Linda Freidman, just to talk about what the GA Planning Committee does. Buttons are starting to be distributed.


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