UUA General Assembly 2005, Day 0

We are checked into our hotel. Clarion, room 812 if anyone needs me. Problem: We have a king size bed, have 4 people booked for the room, the entire city is booked solid, and we’ve offered space to another person to boot.

I’ve found Robert and Susan Smith, who are important to find. Robert has been appointed to the YRUU Youth Council. You heard it here first folks, things are gonna change. Things always do when Robert shows up. I love the man, as he and I share many values in UUism, one of which is not caring if people like us.

All registered, and have my voting card so I can wave it with everyone else when Gini says to. I’m currently hanging out outside a forum involving Bill Sinkford for the Leadership Days, and have seen several people I’ve needed to connect with. No sign of Madam Moderator.


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