Note: Wake up earlier, the line @ the Corner Bakery is long.

Currently in the Uncommon Denomination #2004 workshop, talking about the Uncommon Denomination Advertising campaign. I’ve heard some people don’t think the campaign is reflective of UU’s. I think it will at least do no harm, and is a good start.

[rant]There is a website, , that the group doing the campaign did NOT put on the billboards because it was “too long”. Bullshit. It’s perfect. UU Houston. City names are immediatly rememberable. Whatever.[/rant]

Interest – Worship – Fellowship – Covenant – Commitment – Leadershipt – Evangelize
On the screen right now. This is a best practices model that comes from a book, not published by a UU, that was the model used by the marketing team. Another book: Marketing for Congregations, Phil Cotler and Gus Rath.

I asked: does the marketing team have demographic info on the new members collected as a result of the ad campaign. The answer: annecdotal only. They targeted the 25-55 age group and different congregations are reporting slightly different results within that.

The Other Side of the Brige #2039
Co-Sponsored by The UU Mens Network and the UU Campus Ministry Offfice
Joseph Santos-Lyons is our moderator today. I’m convinced, and joined the UU Men’s Network.


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