Radical Hapa: YACM Office Staff Changes

YA/CM Office Staff Changes from RadicalHapa.tk:

During the 2005-06 year Michael Tino will be engaged in a full time parish ministry internship. This component of his ministerial preparation begins September 1 with the All Souls Church in Durham, North Carolina. For the period of his internship there will be some changes in the Young Adult and Campus Ministry Office will change. Here’s the overview of staffing and responsibilities in effect from September 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006.

Michael will serve the UUA 20 hours a week. He will continue to manage the consulting program (and these consultatns will take on most in-person trainings and consultations), supervise the YACM staff, and administer the office’s finances. He will maintain responsibilities for representing YACM work at the Mid-Sized Congregation Conference, the CUC Annual General Meeting and the UUA General Assembly (including the Bridging Ceremony). He will also complete his work on Our Whole Lives for Young Adults.

Joseph Santos-Lyons’ position, which was reduced to 20 hours a week in 2004, will be restored to full-time effective September 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006. He will assume responsibility for supervision of the Regional Organizing Consultants, training and organizing with district and regional representatives to ConCentric, working with districts, and, for the time that Michael is half-time, sole responsibility for campus ministry programming and campus ministry-related resource development.

Laurel Albina will return to the YACM office as a 10 hour a week consultant for the period September 1, 2005-June 30, 2006. She will have responsibility for young adult anti-racism and anti-oppression trainings and resources, including YACM involvement in the Anti-Racism Identity Development working group, support for the youth and young adult Transformation Team and the Anti-Racism Trainer-Organizer Program. This is a temporary position.

Petra Aldrich will continue in her role of Progam Associate and in that capacity she will have more responsibility for working with the Steering Committee of C*UUYAN, and some resource development projects as her time permits.

Erik Kesting continues as part time Administrator for the YACM Office.

Here’s hoping the internship is all that Michael and All Souls Durham want and need it to be; and thanks to Michael, Joseph, Petra, Laurel and Erik for the ministry they do each and every day.

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