Radical Hapa: UU’s Style vs. Stubstance

Radical Hapa: UU’s Style vs. Stubstance:

Joseph brings us a survey circa 1979.

From Unitarian Universalism by Robert Tapp
Rankings of emphases 1966 1976 1978
religious education 1 2 2
personal development 2 3 3
fellowship among members 3 1 1
social action 4 5 4
public worship 5 4 5

Joseph notes that Social Action and Public Worship fall at the bottom all three years. Others might note that Fellowship amoung members went to the top, displacing Religious Education, and conclude that this contributes to the “social club” atmosphere of our congregations. I might agree, but I also note that Personal Development sank as well, and think this survey may have forshadowed the de-emphasis of secular humanism and increase in Universalism within our congregations, and specifically in our Youth and Young Adult movements.

I could also be completely barmy.


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