Donald in Webcomic Land!

I read a few web comics daily. They are each scarily reflective of my life in some way.

Wapsi Square is the newest. I found out about it yesterday from Questionable Content (below). It’s based in a bit less reality than the others, but that’s alright. Is stars Monica the 4’10” Anthropoligist with a 40G Bustline, all her friends, some of her friends’ friends, and some Aztec deities.

Questionable Content, oh lordy. While it floats in the Indie/Emo/Punk music scene of which I know little, I swear I’ve had some of those conversations before. It stars Faye, the cute spunky red/brown haired lass who has issues with her hips, and her roommate Martin, who is really a Indie-rock version of Arthur Dent with better luck in dressing himself. There’s a supporting cast including a hot coffee shop owner, a couple with their own hangups involving their age difference, and an AI.

Queen of Wands is no longer being written, but it is in rapid-fire-reruns with commentary from the writer Aerie. Kestrel is a busty redhead who does ISP tech support, and lives with her roommates Shannon, and Kestrels-ex-boyfriend-currently-Shannons-Husband Felix. The run was good, and again, I think I’ve had some of those conversations.

UserFriendly is tech related, and plays host to the irreverant staff of a Canadian Linux-based ISP. I work with Sid, the sysadmin, and I’m beginning to be accused of behaving like Greg.

WebComics are good. If you have any you like, or think I’d like, let me know.


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