How to Run a Con, Introduction

There have been many documents through time titled the same, some even have my name attached to them. I do wish I hadn’t had my massive email archive loss a few years ago, or I might have some of them. Be that as it is, this series will look at how people have and do run our UU conferences, and how we can run them in the future.

I’ve been a part of the planning of many conferences, and talked to many others about how they run theirs, and though myself and others in the late 90’s compared YRUU governance structures, I’ve never seen a comprehensive comparison of conferences and their operation.

What IS a con?

A Con can be many things. I’ve classified them for promotional purposes as “working” or “fun” cons, and even counting GA’s for adding notches to my belt. I once joked I wanted to be on the GA Planning Committee so I could plan the worlds biggest Con. In the way I approach cons, GA really is just a big one, or maybe a regular con is just a micro sized GA. Either way, the planning of them is just logistics, from what events and programming you’ll have, and how you’ll control the crowd. I’m not entirely (yet) cognisant of the logistics for something on the scale of a District Assembly or Generally Assembly (But I’m working on it!), so for this series, we’ll address cons being run on a UU District and Regional level, ie in the 20 – 200 person range.

Where from here?

I’d like any of you that run cons to Email Me with the process you go through, and any documents that might help in this study, not limited to schedules, information about the site and how you chose it, and full budget listings. I have at least 2 in the next several months to contribute to this study, and will be starting with general methods in the next post.

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