New Department, Old subject matter

I have mentioned places I’ve eaten (and gotten coffee) at on this blog before, but not created a section for it. So here it is.

I’m in Ft. Wayne Indiana at the moment. I won’t be straying far from the hotel, so I can only assume the only coffee I’ll get here is at $St$. Yuck. However, on the way I stopped in Coldwater, Michigan, ostensibly to get fuel for Myself and the vehicle. About 2 miles off I-69 in the heart of the historic downtown, is the North Woods Coffee Co. They use $tar$peak, ie Tall-Grande-Venti. I have the same attitude towords such nonsense as Dora. Despite that however, they make good lattes, and have a good atmosphere. They also sell lots of kitchen and decorative goods. WiFi status is unknown, as I was on the run, and will be again tomorrow.

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  1. Audrey said:

    Wow. That was way over my head, and I go to the local cafe (Dilworth of Matthews, NC) almost once a day. I knew you liked coffee, but I didn’t realize you liked it THAT much.

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