More Godliness

EK-CHUAH – from Mayan Mythology:
Patron god of the Cacao bean!

MEBD – from Celtic: Goddess in Ireland involving lots of sex, death, and drink. Not always in that order.

OMETOTCHTLI: King of the drunken bunnies.

  1. I have to say they certainly write with a different style than I usually find regarding mythology “His daughter is THRUD. And that’s not an insult, it’s her name.” Thanks for pointing this site out.

  2. Mark Hergott said:

    I am confused. Why would bunnies need a god, and how would they get drunk? Is it me, or were the Mayans an odd bunch? Or is it a god for the Mayans, in the form of a drunk bunny? I don’t think that is much better…

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