Regional ConCentrics, Redux

Radical Hapa: Regional ConCentrics On Hold:

Joseph brings us news from ConCentric, which is ending as I write this. To break down his post with my initial, gut reaction commentary:

The Regional ConCentric Resolution and the work of members of the C*UUYAN Regional Needs Task Force was withdrawn at ConCentric 2005 due to blocks in the consensus process that led to a compromise proposal that did not require Plenary action. The resolution will continue to be a point of discussion throughout this year with CUC and UUA District Young Adult Representatives and Local YA & CM Group leaders.

Not surprised this happened, and I am happy to hear that further study is being conducted. I know we’ll hear a lot more about this on this blog.

This fall C*UUYAN SC has authorized the submission of a Fund for Unitarian Universalism grant to help finance 4 Regional Events in Spring 2006

four? FOUR?! I would like to see exactly how having only four regions to cover the ENTIRETY of North America is going to lessen the cost of travel. Reducing the cost of according to some of the rules I’ll be outlining in my How to run a Con series might reduce overall cost a BIT, but the travel isn’t going to be significantly, or at all, reduced for many people.

Depending on the location of the Regional meetings, and their timing (spring), there are going to be some interesting logistical issues. I’ll wait to see a map, and attendance numbers before making final judgement of course. I’ll even seriously plan on going, if there is a region I can drive to. I still hold that regionalization will not have the effects desired until C*UUYAN reliquishes control to local groups they don’t control.

each local Young Adult and/or Campus Ministry group will be asked to send a delegate to the Regional Events (to-be-named).

That’s a good goal, and one I can personally get behind. Here’s to luck and passion to make it all work.


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