Regional Needs Task Force Strategy Plan

The following is the document that was presented to the ConCentric Plenary, and should be considered Canon. There may be supporting and dissenting ideas in the ether, but this is THE document for primary discussion.

Regional Needs Task Force Strategy Plan

In order to fully study and research how to best serve local, district, and regional campus and young adult leaders, and because we believe we could not reach consensus on how to best continue at this time, the Regional Needs Task Force proposes the following alternative. Ideas presented in the original Regional ConCentric proposal may be brought into conversation in the future as a long term solution.  Because the Alternative position sees the goal of Regional ConCentrics as finding and empowering new local/regional leaders within the US and Canada, we propose:

  • (1) A continental ConCentric will continue to be held. 

  • (2) The Regional Needs Task Force recommends that C*UUYAN and the YACM office support Regional Leadership Development Conferences, in the recommended regions, beginning this Spring. The conferences will be planned and bottom-lined by the Conferences Planning Committee working in conjunction with District Staff, District Young Adult Committees, and local Young Adult and Campus Ministry Leaders.  

  • (3) C*UUYAN will support a grant application to the Fund for Unitarian Universalism to fund these conferences.  
  • (4) These Conferences will be used as a chance to gage our capacity at the Regional Level. In addition Regional leaders will be given a chance to discuss and pass up business items and nominations to the Continental Steering Committee and Continental ConCentric. 

  • (5) These conferences can be held at a time other than during the summer—this appeals to the needs of continuity in leadership by involving Young Adults at a time when direct and efficient communication can occur (difficult during the church/YA/CM group break time in the Summer); this also appeals to the need of Young Adult District Representatives to be present and vocal in district assemblies. 

  • (6) Using the model of the successful Campus Ministry Trainings, these conferences will be planned with minimal commitments from the YACM office and rely more on District Staff and District YA Leaders.  

  • (7) The task force recommends that C*UUYAN works with the YACM office to both increase the role and accountability of District Reps to their Districts as well as Steering Committee’s accountability to Local and Regional Leaders.  

  • (8) The success of this action will be evaluated in Plenary at ConCentric 2006.

We believe that this solution does not require a by-law change and we are presenting it to the plenary body only for feedback and discussion.

The Regional Needs Task Force and Regional Leaders

  • Ella Hereth, CPC 

  • Frank Wells, CPC 

  • Claire Sexton, CPC 

  • Marcus Cooley, CMWD Rep 

  • Leanne Todd, CPC 

  • Michael Tino, YACM Office 

  • Joseph Santos-Lyons, YACM Office 

  • Teresa Ives, Heartland District Rep 

  • Nadya Hand, Florida District Rep 

  • Scott McNeil, TJD Rep 

  • Darrick Jackson, SC 

  • Petra Aldrich, YACM Office 

  • Kimberlee Tomczek, CMWD Staff  

  • Rev. Alison Miller, CMAC Chair 

  • Tomoko Takano, ConCentric Co-Chair
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