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I would really like a Thunderbird Polo shirt. I’m much more impressed with Thunderbird than I am with Firefox, but that may be only because I have the option of using Safari, and have never been stuck with Internet Explorer as my only (or even default) option.

However, I call into note the blown up picture of the Thunderbird shirt linked to above. Ultra-Cotton? What is it, some kind of hydroponic cotton grown in zero gravity and run thru a cotton gin on the moon? Maybe I should take up the Highland Ultra-pipes, with twice the drones as before, and an amazing TEN notes!

Is this the insanity similar to the instructions on a bix of toothpicks that had Douglas Adams so worried?


This is a theory I’ve been developing for several years now, as I’ve worked in UU groups, specifically YRUU and UUYAN.
With both YRUU and UUYAN, on a congregation or district level, you have 2 modes of being: Pastoral and Programmatical. This concept should be pretty familiar to anyone who has worked with growing churches and districts.

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UU Response to Hurricane Katrina: A Personal View of Disaster:

“Everyone has a story and many of these people need someone who will listen to their story. As time passes for the people in the Red Cross Shelter in Hattiesburg, telling their stories seems like the only thing they have control of. ” ~Annette Marquis

Somehow, I didn’t know that Annette has been doing this for the past 10 days, but now that I do, she gets a spot right here on the blog. I’ve not managed to read through it all yet, nor will I until tonight, but from the intro and what I have, it’s amazing work.

Good Luck Annette!

Once again, I made it to my destination and through my events unscathed. Once again, I can’t get HOME from these excursions.

This time, my flight was delayed on the taxiway in Newark, and I couldn’t make it between terminals fast enough (let alone thru security again), and missed by flight to Detroit. So I’m posting this from Newark Liberty Airport, where I will be until 6am. Just once, I like to make it home according to schedule.

I’m sitting in Logan International Airport, eating Twizzler cherry nibs, waiting for flight 1197 on Continental Airlines. The meeting went well, and I have what I think is a decent grasp of the roles I have volunteered for and been assigned. These include…

Plenary Tech Leader

From what I understand, I will be working with the GA Volunteer Committee Technology Director (which happens to be filled by the person who filled My position the past 4 years), and the CMI crew (the light/sound/projection/subtitling company we employ), to make sure that Madam Moderator gets to the stage and finds a working microphone, that the Delegates who want to yell at each have working mics of their own, and there is a working timer telling us all when the person at the mic will have it shut off, and our sanity saved. I also get to sit in the “script meetings”, which seem to be important.

Evening Entertainment

With the District Organizer, and her Special Events Coordinator, I get to plan the four evening entertainment events including dances and coffee house(s). There will be more posted here as things go along, I think, as I’m rather excited about this.

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