Gizmo – Experiments in Voice over IP

While Tessie was in Boston for her C*UUYAN meeting, I’ve been using Gizmo for phone purposes. Putting my big toe into the VoIP pond, as it were.

Gizmo has some nice features. For $5 a month (3 month increments), unlimited calls in. They currently have a limited number of cities that call those numbers home. I chose a Boston number. I figure I’ll likely save somebody in Boston some money by having them call me “locally”. Outgoing calls are 1.3 cents per minute, which comes to quite a bit cheaper than most of the phone cards I can buy.

The quality is decent, especially when I can use my Bluetooth headset. It does seem to suck up more bandwidth than I think VoIP should. It’s not happy unless it has 192kbps+ in available bandwidth, which is the bitrate I rip music MP3’s at. Spoken word can be FAR lower than that.

Overall, it works for what it does, but I’d not be using it to replace a landline or my cell phone… yet.


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