The New Way of US Air Travel

Generally, I think Detroit Metro Airport sucks. But until today, I’d never been in the new McNamara terminal, which is awesome. I admittedly didn’t want to have to fly out of here. I don’t like crossing picket lines, and the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association Local 5 (another website hosted by Provide.Net) is engaged in such activities outside.

I’ve been in a number of airports in the US and abroad, and Detroit Metro has always failed to impress. It’s old, but has none of the majesty of some of the other airports, and in the old terminal there is NOTHING to do. In the NEW terminal however, there’s WiFi provided by Concourse Communications while not free, allows access through most of the major WiFi carriers, and more interesting places to eat, read, etc.

More impressive to me however, was the Transportation Safety Administration workers and how polite and easy going they were, even though I hit most of their flags. Apparantly my name is on a federal No Fly list, resulting in a bit of delay at check-in. I’m currently wearing a kilt, 20-something, carrying a bag PACKED with electronics, and generally get pegged by every security person at every public facility every time. My belt and kilt set off the metal detectors (They were impressed I knew to take my boots off), so I got the full pat down and magic wand, and I think my laptop bag scared them, so they bomb-checked it, made me turn on my laptop (it was only asleep), etc. If these are what the security people are like at every US airport, no one should ever need to complain.


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