GA Planning Committee: My Roles and My Thoughts

I’m sitting in Logan International Airport, eating Twizzler cherry nibs, waiting for flight 1197 on Continental Airlines. The meeting went well, and I have what I think is a decent grasp of the roles I have volunteered for and been assigned. These include…

Plenary Tech Leader

From what I understand, I will be working with the GA Volunteer Committee Technology Director (which happens to be filled by the person who filled My position the past 4 years), and the CMI crew (the light/sound/projection/subtitling company we employ), to make sure that Madam Moderator gets to the stage and finds a working microphone, that the Delegates who want to yell at each have working mics of their own, and there is a working timer telling us all when the person at the mic will have it shut off, and our sanity saved. I also get to sit in the “script meetings”, which seem to be important.

Evening Entertainment

With the District Organizer, and her Special Events Coordinator, I get to plan the four evening entertainment events including dances and coffee house(s). There will be more posted here as things go along, I think, as I’m rather excited about this.


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