Email, Clothing, and Brockian Ultra-Cricket

I would really like a Thunderbird Polo shirt. I’m much more impressed with Thunderbird than I am with Firefox, but that may be only because I have the option of using Safari, and have never been stuck with Internet Explorer as my only (or even default) option.

However, I call into note the blown up picture of the Thunderbird shirt linked to above. Ultra-Cotton? What is it, some kind of hydroponic cotton grown in zero gravity and run thru a cotton gin on the moon? Maybe I should take up the Highland Ultra-pipes, with twice the drones as before, and an amazing TEN notes!

Is this the insanity similar to the instructions on a bix of toothpicks that had Douglas Adams so worried?

  1. Well, I suppose it is better than X-TREEM corn chips. One worries about extreme corn chips. Are the corn stalks genetically modified? Are pesticides that could fit alongside a Saddam arsenal involved? Is the farm owned by a agribusiness conglomerate?
    Oh, I’m sorry, were you trying to be humorous? Right, Ultra Cotton! How ridiculous, ha ha…
    What, too high brow? I can be crudely facetious. Two Nuns walk into a sex shop with a camel…

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