Report of The Feasting

So Thanksgiving was as it usually was, plus an added face. Colin finally managed to bring a companion with him, by the name of Raluca. Heather managed to show up for a wee bit, although she left her house guests alone to eat her out of house and home.

As I write this, Greg and Colin are seranading us with strange songs and guitar accompanyment. I’m also looking at Raluca’s socks, which win Awesome Socks of the Night award. They are Smiley/winky face toe socks. Swanky. We can tell why Colin likes her. We’re not entirely sure what she thinks of US, but that’ll come in time. General Consensus: She’s not going anywhere for a while. Christmas ought to be interesting. She wasn’t scared of the ideas of haggis or Steak and Kidney pie, so things are looking up.

I was then foolish enough to hand Sean my computer or whatever. Or whatever. Sporks are tasty. Lolol.

Then I gave it to Lisa. I would like some pie. Apparently, there is pie of many varieties. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, and trifle. I like Thanksgiving at Grandma Green’s house. I’m giving the computer back to Donald now.


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