Wild Properties – Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor apartments for rent

Wild Properties – Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor apartments for rent:

Steve Wild is my landlord. Why am I blogging about my landlord’s website? It’s because Steve rocks.

We happened by Steve by chance. He had a house he was trying to rent, and I found it in the paper. It was the right location, and he returned my phone call promptly. The apartment really caught Tessie’s heartstrings, so we signed a lease for it, and it’s been a good home for the past year and a half. For a first apartment together it was probably even one of the best options around.

I think what really intrigues me about Steve is his attitude towards the houses. Right on the front of his website, he claims that he “looks after the houses/apartments” on the site. He doesn’t “manage the properties”, or “own” the houses. He looks after them, and that makes all the difference. The care he puts into our creaky, occasionally drafty, Civil War era house, is in the hard wood floors, the new porch (hand made by Steve) for the upstairs apartment, and the wood pane windows. Did I mention he comes by himself to plow our our driveway after a snow?

As Tessie and I look for a new place, we’re hoping it’s another of Steve Wilds. So, here’s to Steve.


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