3 Timezones in 2 days

Say hello to the new Travel category here at Donald O’Bloggin.

I enjoy traveling, almost as much as I enjoy griping about traveling. To recap for everyone, this is My itinerary for the trip I’m now on:

  • Depart DTW (Detroit Metro, MI) @ 0605EST on Jan 4th, 2006
  • Arrive CVG (Cincinatti, OH) @ 0730EST
  • Depart CVG @ 08100EST
  • Arrive STL (St Louis, MO) @ 0836CST
  • Depart STL @ 0600CST on Jan 5th, 2006
  • Arrive ATL (Atlanta, GA) @ 0838EST
  • Depart ATL @ 0946EST
  • Arrive PDX (Portland, OR) @ 1215PST
  • Depart PDX @ 1530PST
  • Arrive SLC (Salt Lake City, UT) @ 1814MST
  • Depart SLC @ 1915MST
  • Arrive DTW @ 0050 Jan 8th, 2006

So far, I’m doing all right. I only got 1.5 hrs of sleep before getting up to leave for the Detroit airport, but I made it up in naps on planes and my hotel room yesterday.

I need to NOT get used to the sort of treatment I’m getting. The Convention bureau’s are catering to the people that make decisions about if and how events get planned, but it’s taking a while for it to sink in that I’m one of those people they are catering to. These city subsidized hotel rooms, and gift bags of goodies… it can go to a lads head after a while.

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