Down and Out without a laptop

Oh my have things been… painful. The hardrive in Alice II died (that’d be My 12″ Apple PowerBook). This is NOT the time of year I can deal with this easily, especially given everything going on with the General Assembly planning right now. Thanks to my coworker Drew, I have a mildly janky replacement operational until he has a chance to get a new hard drive put into Alice II.

The replacement consists of a 500MHz iBook, with no battery, a dead internal battery, running off an external 30GB firewire hard drive, 256MB of RAM, and a power adapter. A portable desktop if you will, but it DOES work. I can even tote it to work with me… if I remember the power adapter, which I did not today.

My apartment is CLEAN. This is an amazing thing, and I should really get pictures because the way I’ve rearranged things, and with the new table Theresa and I got for Xmas, the place is rather nice at the moment. I even got some of my artwork up, which I’ll provide pictures of soon.

I had thought that I’d managed to set up my email, blogging, and other functions in such a way that I could continue to adequetly do everything I need to without a home computer of my own, or with a sub standard system of some kind. Apparantly, this is NOT the case, as it’s been a trial the past 3 weeks, to say the least. Back to the drawing board I guess.


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