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Any day you can spend looking for pictures of your bosses friend on is a GOOD DAY


News & Features | SuicideGirls revolt

Now, I post this because it hilights 2 things:

  • First, I am congizant that if you see SG ads on this site, I will be supporting someone that is suposedly not up to the ideals that claims.
  • Second, rich financial backers are everywhere, and screw up so much good stuff it makes me sick.

The Jem Report – Linux supporters fiddle while OpenSSH burns

I like OpenBSD. I support it as I can and buy at least one CD set a year. This year, I’ll be doing more than that. But reading that article, I fully plan on emailing Apple on a regular basis asking why they aren’t providing monetary support.

It’s been my thought for a few years now that the UUA, or maybe the ICUU, needs their own tartan. Now, some would of course at this point start saying “Oh, it should be this base colour to represent X, and have a stripe of this to represent Y…”. Personally, I think that’s a bit of needless badinage. A tartan represents a family on sight, as should one for UUs. It states unequivocally “I am UU. I wear this colours to show, I am UU.”

But visually, what would you like to see? If you’d like to get an idea whaat’s available go to Tartans of Scotland. Any ministers out there, I suggest looking into the Clergy tartan.

My coworker and housemate Drew fixed Alice II last night. It’s not fully customized yet, but it’s MUCH better than using the decrepit iBook. The iBook is going to do duty as a terminal for network stuff. I’m glad I’ve got friends and co-workers that know how to do stuff professionaly, so I don’t need to pay the professional prices.

In other news, I’m so far behind on the REST of my life, I’ve almost lsot sight of the carrot. Only got a couple weeks to figure that out.

My grandfather passed away last week, with the funeral and wake this past Sunday. My family is doing well. The funeral itself was quite nice, as it involved a military honor guard, my grandfather being a Vietnam vet.

Last night, I was on my way to my cousin Craig’s performance at a Royal Oak bar. On the way, I get the call from Theresa’s (my partner) father saying that her grandmother has taken a turn for the worse, and wasn’t expected to live through the night. I’ve still not heard word this morning on that front. Theresa went to bed around 0130, and myself just over an hour later.

This morning, I get ready for work, get in my car… and the battery is dead. So, after fetching the jumper cables from my car, I wake up my housemate and coworker Drew, who looks at the raised hood on my car, and the cables in my hand, saying “It’s one of those mornings.”

It’s definatly one of those mornings. Upon arriving to work, I walk in to tell my coworkers all that’s going on, and that I’ll be back… I’ve not had coffee, and my car needs gas and such to run and charge the battery. From the gas station a few minutes later, I call Mark with the following: “Can you come over to pump 2 of the Rich gas station with your slim jim? It’s one of those mornings”, as I’d locked my keys in the car.

Quick stops at the ATM, house, and Bombadill’s later, I’m at work, writing this.

It’s STILL one off those mornings.

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