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I’ve not been posting much on the blog. However, if I look at all the writing I’ve done on the net, between, emails, etc, I have been at least as prolific as usual. I’ve also been trying to do some background code tweaking to the blog, and that’s not been going well either.

I’ve been working on some new projects with others that will be being launched in the next couple weeks that are rather exciting. Obviously, I can’t disclose what those are, but they are exciting, to say the least. There will be notice of them in a number of places online as well as here as they are released, so stay tuned.

This is one of the major ideas that has been occupying much of my brain lately however: If you are going to take a position of service, you must learn the systems in which you will be working. I’ve been stunned of late at how often people are NOT doing this.

More updates soon, I promise.


A full service womens clinic has opened up in Ypsilanti, which includes abortion services. So for the past month and a bit, on Saturdays, we’ve had abortion protesters out on Michigan Avenue, with huge poster graphics of abortions, mangled fetus/infant pictures, etc. Well, last weekend, I saw counter protesters out there with big blue sheets, blocking the view of the images from those on the street and sidewalks. Today, there are MORE, with sheets that say things like “Keep your voice, lose the graphics”. I am very proud to live in Ypsilanti at the moment.

To the Moderator, President, and Board of Trustees of the UUA:

After much research through the materials the individuals of our group
have amassed over our years working in the UU world, several requests to
the Youth Office and Young Adult/Campus Ministry Office, and hours of
search through the contents of, we have been unable to find
information documenting the relationship between the UUA and its Sponsored
Organizations YRUU and C*UUYAN. Over the course of many conferences put on
by portions of both groups, we have heard different ideas on what said
unseen rules permit and deny to the Sponsored Organizations. It is our
belief that to be able to truly understand what our roles are as members
of YRUU and C*UUYAN when it comes to events like General Assembly and
ConCentric, we must have a grounding in what it means to be a Sponsored

In addition, at this years General Assembly the delegates will be asked to
vote on a bylaw change that would allow Sponsored Organizations to submit
Study Action Issues. How can we, the General Assembly, make an informed
decision on such a bylaw change, when there is no available record
describing these organizations?

Any information you can supply us that clears the murky waters of these
relationships would be gladly accepted.

Thank you,
Heartland District Young Adult & Campus Ministry Sustainability Corps
Theresa Ives, Co-Chair
UU Church of Flint/Church of the Younger Fellowship
Kelly Rauch, Co-Chair
Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, IN
Donald Wilson, Convenor
Church of the Larger Fellowship/Church of the Younger Fellowship
Traci Griggs, YRUU Liason
UU Congregation of Grand Traverse, MI
Jonathan Schultz, At Large
First UU Church of Detroit, MI

Yet Another Unitarian Universalist – Progressive religious education

I rather liked this essay. The way it started I was confused and skeptical, as it started sounding like some of the problems I have with the public school system (a system I wholly support at the same time), but it’s good. I was amazed to see how old some of the ideas are. I wonder how we can incorporate this kind of idea into YRUU and UUYAN programming.

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