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Resolved, that the Delegates to General Assembly are charged to work with their congregations to hold at least one program over the next year to address racism or classism, and to report on that program at next year’s General Assembly.


Good Evening, I am Donald Wilson, the Planning Committee person in charge of Evening Entertainment. Along with the local committee entertainment coordinator, Myke Cowen Nissen, I cordially invite you to 5 evenings of great events in the Renaissance Grand Landmark Ballroom.

Tonight we have DJ Smurf, spinning his own blend of St Louis House. Tomorrow, the Youth and Young Adult caucuses invite you to the All GA Coffee House, which you can sign up for at the Youth and Young Adult booth all day tomorrow in the Exhibit Hall.

Friday, it is not a typo in the programme, nor a showing of a Marx Brothers film, for A Night At The Opera members of the UU Musicians Network are performing Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci.
On Saturday, we welcome one of our own, UU DJ Glo, at the General Assembly Costume Ball. Please come dressed in masquerade, or as you are.

Finally, on Sunday night, local band Jupiter Jazz will perform with
their lead poet a blend of spoken word, deep groove jazz and funk, to see us all home.

So Come, Come, whoever you are. I hope each of you finds something to entertain you this week in our nightly offerings.

I have an Audible.Com account, which I’ve used to buy some audio books, but I saved up some credits and have just bought a year subscription to BBC Newshour. I used to listen to it every weekday, but with work starting at 8am, I don’t often get to on my local NPR station. Now it will be delivered to my iPod each day to listen at my leisure.

I’ve also subscribed via iTunes to the Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me podcast. News and entertainment, all in a little white box the size of a card deck.

Well, I’m in St. Louis. The drive wasn’t bad (10 hours and leisurely), and we checked into our hotel room, only to find that it’s bigger than our apartment. Cheers to the hotel, and the convention bureau. The Washington Street Bistro, in the basement of the Renaissance Suites is good, if pricey. The french onion soup is the best I’ve ever tasted.

As I write this, I’m sitting in what will be the plenary hall. Right now it’s mess of crates, half built light rigs, strange equipment, and a truck. There’s some minor confusion about who is supplying the stage, but I’m sure you’ll all find things to be the spectacular spectacular you’re expecting upon arrival. Hall 3. Don’t make the mistake I did this morning and think the Hall 1 is the Plenary hall… that’s the exhibit hall. No wonder I couldn’t find my people.

Safe travels all.

As I write this, a week from today, the Opening Ceremonies of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations General Assembly will be starting, with the Banner parade just ending. If you’re still on the fence, considering showing up and being a part of this GA in St Louis, I urge you to come. You won’t regret it (but your pocket book might cry a bit).

I’ll be honest and crude: I’m scared out of my kilt. This marks my first General Assembly as a member of the Planning Committee. I’m sure it will go off without too many glitches. My ego doesn’t allow me to beleive less than that, but still… a week. I’ll even be there early to help set things up.

Ah, well. GA will happen regardless of my feelings about the matter. It’s the biggest con in the world… but gods am I rusty at this sort of thing. Hope to see you there!

P.S. Oh… and if you could all spare me a few thoughts, prayers, warm fuzzies, or ego floatings, I’d be eternally greatful for the next month.

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