Updates on ConCentric Business

There have been two updates to the ConCentric business, which I previously reviewed on this blog.

The statement from the Steering Committee on the ConnectUU resolution
from the Central Radius Conference:

We recognize the numerous expressions of frustration from those within
our community who have attempted to navigate the ConnectUU website. We
acknowledge that as the site is a means of communication within that
same community, and that extensive maintenance of this site is required
in order to make and keep it easy and accessible for all to use.
Therefore we approve wholeheartedly of this Resolution, and welcome the
opportunity to use our resources to foster a connected ConnectUU.

Minus the unclear syntactical flow of the second sentence, I’m glad the Steering Committee is in favour of this, though I find it interesting that they don’t mention that they’d need to spend money on this.

YA Observer resolution: background information

The Young Adult Observer to the Board has been filled the past few
years by various young adults who could donate a few months to filling
the position. The UUA Board covers travel, and although food is not
covered, the Observer is invited to dine with the Board at any meals
on-site. Lodging is not covered, so homestays are encouraged.

This is good to know, though certainly not up to the standard I set in the previous review. I wonder if the SC has talked to the Board about having the other costs for the YA Observer partially paid for by the Board, and if this includes any costs for General Assembly. They could use the argument that it is appropriate, given the Sponsored status of the organization.


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