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Nothing brightens up my morning. Coffee simply provides a shade of gray just above the pitch-black of the infinite depths of the abyss.

Taken from User Friendly.


The school semester is starting for the colleges in the area, and that means Donald has classes. Three of them this time, including The Nature of Science, Fundamentals of Speaking, and High Technology Crime.

The Nature of Science was once described to me as “The Class where we burn things and blow shit up”, and I’m taking High Technology Crime with two of my co-workers. It should be an interesting semester. I’ll be graduating in the spring from Washtenaw Community College. Anyone else having fun preparing for school?

I’ve kept the following question in mind when I charge expenses to the Planning Committee accounts: How many registrations does it take to pay for this?

Well, I went one step further. The linked PDF is my contribution to openness. It shows, using the numbers available on the UUA site, what % of the total GA expenses each line item is, as well as how much (in dollars and cents) is used from a Full Time registration to pay for that line item.

I now have a profound respect for bean counters, because that was a chore I never want to have to go through again…


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