Monthly Archives: March 2011

We’re getting a new fridge.

Simple, Black, and Sexy, with a freezer on top and way more cubic feetĀ  (and better designed for todays products) than my beloved 1947 Kelvinator.


Now, before anyone accuses me of anything silly, don’t fret. The Kelvinator is not going away. It WORKS great, and it’s going to go live in the mini-barn where it will be used for the aging of meats, and probably be outfitted with a new gasket this summer.


In case anyone is not aware of the current weather though, it’s WET here. Rain and snow mix, and my back yard is a puddle. This doesn’t make the chickens very happy, believe me, and it makes stomping around back there trying to deal with the maple tree rather unpleasant. This also makes the prospect of moving a VERY heavy Kelvinator across a VERY wet and mucky yard a rather daunting one. I’ll need to get some wood scraps to roll the fridge across or I and whoever I have helping me are going to get hernias.


The addition of a fridge with a freezer on it has an added benefit: It looks like I’ll be able to turn the small chest freezer into a lagering chest and kegerator.

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