The Kalamazoo Conference is the longest running YA/CM annual event in the heartland District. This is ( I think ) the 6th year they’ve hosted it the weekend before the observance of Martin Luther King Jr’s B-day. That’s where I’m headed later today.


Heartland District of the Unitarian Universalist Association:

The Heartland District has a new website! It is a blog/portal type setup now, much improved over the old version. Between the calendar (thank the bleating gods), and the blogs, it should be an interesting read. Now all I need to do is get a link to the HUUUD YA/CM site on there.

Convergence I (one) rocked. Enough happened to ensure growth of YA/CM programming in the Heartland District, and in a sort of amorphous region that includes us, Central Midwest and Ohio-Meadville. I’m also looking forward to convening a meeting in February, and a conference call or two with more people.

We had guests from OMD (Alyssa) and CMWD (Erik David), and JohnnyFire of FUUSE fame as our Regional Organizing Consultant. Their insights have given the assembled leadership of our district a ton of new ideas and expansions of old ones on how to build our network here in the HUUD.

Welcome to the New HUUD. Are you ready?

It’s been nearly a month since ConCentric. I can’t find minutes online anywhere, and my ConCentric reps have not received any (I know that, since I live with one of them and we share a mailbox), nor have any of the others that I converse with regularly who I know were there.

So I begin to wonder… what was the point? Why was there ($450×100 people?) $50,000 spent, for me, the Convenor of the Heartland District Young Adult and Campus Ministry Sustainability Corps, to have NOTHING to talk to any of my local groups leaders about, here at the beginning and most important part of programming for the church and school year? What was the point of my approval of nearly a third of this years HUUD YA/CM budget to send my 2 Co-Moderators to ConCentric?

For a fresh view, I’ll switch gears and put on my General Assembly Planning Committee hat. It’s interesting to see that… ConCentric has produced nothing for me to take to that body either. It could have easily proposed Featured or Sponsored programming, and gotten somewhere between $500 and $3000 to produce it, but they did not.

I truly feel like I’ll be at my Planning Committee meeting next week and be able to say “Our Young Adults have nothing to contribute to General Assembly in St. Louis.” If our UU churches are being accused of having a country club mentality, I would hate to see ConCentric and the Conference Planning Committee in action, because from what I see coming out of them, my local country clubs sit on their hands less.

Wake up C*UUYAN. You’ve spent another years worth of budget, with nothing to show for it. You’re letting the rest of the UU world pass you by, and you don’t seem to care.

The following has been posted to the UUA Site, as well as RadicalHapa, Philocrites, and FUUSE.

An open letter to UU youth of color and UU people of color who attended Fort Worth General Assembly and the broader UU community:

At General Assembly in Fort Worth, there were several incidents that reminded us that we have much work to do in our journey to becoming an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and multicultural association. We, the UUA Board of Trustees, want to express deep sadness and regret that these incidents took place.

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