This is the report of the Secretary of the Church of the Younger
Fellowship. For the purposes of this report, Steering Committee  refers to those elected or appointed to it, as well as the Tech Team, and our minister/Administrator, unless specified otherwise.

In 2009 the Steering Committee has engaged in the following:

  • The restarting of semi-monthly scheduled chats for members
  • A more regular posting of worship
  • A re-distribution of work between the volunteers, contract staff, paid staff, and CLF administration
  • Engaged in the beginning of a visioning process.
  • Revised a Mission Statement that has been submitted to the community for discussion.
  • Adjusted the Steering committee work and meeting schedule to optimise the limited resource of volunteer and staff time.

As Secretary, I am responsible for ensuring the integrity of our
documents. In this capacity, I have several concerns:

  • The Steering Committee played no part in the determination of our budget for the 2010 fiscal year.
  • Similarly, the Steering Committee played no part in the drafting of a grant proposal submitted for our ministry.
  • For the entirety of 2009, the Steering Committee was provided inaccurate information as to the status of our surplus and deficit.
  • The Steering Committee had no fiscal nor fund raising plan for 2009, and has made neither for the current fiscal year.
  • The redistribution of work previously cited has never been articulated.
  • CLF Board Policy requires that a new Memorandum of Understanding be negotiated annually. We are currently operating without one, and our Board Liason has expressly told us to ignore that Board Policy.

These are of particular concern, as Church of the Larger Fellowship
Board of Directors policy requires the Steering committee be responsible for the expenses of our ministry. It is impossible for the Steering Committee to meet that responsibility without information from our fiscal agents that is both accurate and timely, coupled with a fiscal plan and an accurate understanding of our responsibilities and limits.

As Secretary, I have striven to make information timely and accurate for our meetings. I have not always succeeded, but with the co-operation of the rest of the Steering Committee I believe that the records of our work and thus its consistency are far more stable now than when I came to office in March 2009.

However, being the Secretary of the CYF as elected by its members, I have failed in my duties of reporting to them. This failure has been intentional, as I have sought to maintain as healthy a relationship with my fellow Steering committee members as possible, believed that bringing our work to a stable point was essential, and that airing my concerns over the lack of integrity of the Steering committees work would not allow us to meet those ends.

I still believe that the work of the Steering Committee has no spiritual or institutional integrity without being part of a long term fiscal and programming plan that is informed by the revised Mission Statement, a current Memorandum of Understanding with the Board, and a defined relationship with the CLF staff. Further, the negotiation of these agreements and the creation of this plan must be the top priority of the Steering Committee for the first half of this year and completed before General Assembly. This process need not necessarily include the Tech Team or Administrator.

During the 2010 year, I seek to announce and publish minutes of each
Steering committee meeting on the CYF website, and to furnish the
community with quarterly reports of our work and finances. I will also seek to engage the community in discussion of including our ministry in other aspects of the UU world, through the creation of what I hope will be some of the most comprehensive, approachable, and integrated denominational affairs work in our Association.

I look forward to the rest of 2010, and the work of the CLF’s Young
Adult Ministry.

Submitted in Faith,
Donald Wilson
Church of the Younger Fellowship


Convergence I (one) rocked. Enough happened to ensure growth of YA/CM programming in the Heartland District, and in a sort of amorphous region that includes us, Central Midwest and Ohio-Meadville. I’m also looking forward to convening a meeting in February, and a conference call or two with more people.

We had guests from OMD (Alyssa) and CMWD (Erik David), and JohnnyFire of FUUSE fame as our Regional Organizing Consultant. Their insights have given the assembled leadership of our district a ton of new ideas and expansions of old ones on how to build our network here in the HUUD.

Welcome to the New HUUD. Are you ready?

This is a theory I’ve been developing for several years now, as I’ve worked in UU groups, specifically YRUU and UUYAN.
With both YRUU and UUYAN, on a congregation or district level, you have 2 modes of being: Pastoral and Programmatical. This concept should be pretty familiar to anyone who has worked with growing churches and districts.

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