We’ve got House Rules. This is them.

  • 0. We are here to Have Fun!.
  • 0.5. No one will leave until sober.
  • 1. There are no racial limits on classes, except those that are specific to a single race from Kits.
  • 2. There are no level limits on classes either.
  • 3. See DM before creating a Bard.
  • 3.5. Psionics annoy the DM. They are Disallowed.
  • 4. Some items Do Not Exist
    • Adamantine
    • Arquebus
  • 5. All Characters need to be kept track of on one of the following forms:

He tossed again, finally grumbling enough that he stirred his companion, who murmured something as she turned in her sleep, red curls falling to cover her breast, the moonlight giving her bronzed flesh a pale luster. Slowly, the old man uncoiled himself from the blankets and stood, grabbing his bulky purple robe from the chair and pulling it about his shoulders. He took a step away, then turned to gaze upon his partner again before leaning over and kissing her forhead. Walking out the door, he glanced to the corner, at the smaller bed with the child in it, the spitting image of her mother but for the straightness of her red tresses, and the black streaks from her temples. Smiling, he decended the stairs, stepping over the dogs at the bottom and made for the kitchen.

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