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Actually, this isn’t what I need to buy. People ask what they can give me for the holidays, so here’s the list.

      Donald travels more…

    • Sleeve case for an Apple 12 in ch powerbook (it’s what it sounds like.. it’s just a slipcase)
    • A really nice pilots case, maybe in bright red or orange or something. Talk to my mother, because I’m gonna show her some.

Over the past decade, I’ve come to understand many things about committee work. In the UU world, we talk about committee work as a spiritual practice, which it needs to be, for people to get the Good Work done that we are attempting to do. Part of my mentality about committee work is reflected in my Flaming Chalice monologue. The rest (for the moment) is here.

The first rule of Committee Work, is a simple one. Whether you’ve been elected, appointed, or usurped your position, you are a servant to the Community, and your work must reflect that. If you aren’t engaging the community and learning their true desires (not just their initially or officially stated desires), you aren’t doing your work properly.

The second rule of Committee Work, deals with the institution of the committee and community itself. You are filling an Office. The Office has existed before, and will continue after you. The Office has work to do, and the tools to do that work have been entrusted to you to be wielded. While each person while in an Office gives their own vision to the way the Work is done, and can change the way the Office works for time long after their term is ended, you are always a servant to the Office.

The third rule is of the phoenix. When you fill an office, you cease to be the important one. The Office and the Work co-opts you. It doesn’t matter if every person on the committee goes to bed at night crying, if the Work that was done that day was the Right Work, and was done the Right Way. If at the end of your term, you have created something wonderous, that serves the Community in ways that could only have been imagined when you took office, but leaves you outside, unable to be a full member of the community, so be it. There IS a place for you, that the greater community should be providing, as you recover from your burning.

Three simple rules.

The Mozilla Project produces the award winning Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client, along with several more useful codebits, such as the Mozilla Suite and young but promising Calendar project.

The Firefox team has published information on switching from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. If every one of our customers at Provide.Net were to switch to Firefox, I truly believe our call volume would drop by 15%. Making them switch to Thunderbird would just make our lives easier, and reduce the amount of spam they need to look at tremendously.

There are reasons to switch to Firefox and Thunderbird. Lots of them. Here are a few.

So Thanksgiving was as it usually was, plus an added face. Colin finally managed to bring a companion with him, by the name of Raluca. Heather managed to show up for a wee bit, although she left her house guests alone to eat her out of house and home.

As I write this, Greg and Colin are seranading us with strange songs and guitar accompanyment. I’m also looking at Raluca’s socks, which win Awesome Socks of the Night award. They are Smiley/winky face toe socks. Swanky. We can tell why Colin likes her. We’re not entirely sure what she thinks of US, but that’ll come in time. General Consensus: She’s not going anywhere for a while. Christmas ought to be interesting. She wasn’t scared of the ideas of haggis or Steak and Kidney pie, so things are looking up.

I was then foolish enough to hand Sean my computer or whatever. Or whatever. Sporks are tasty. Lolol.

Then I gave it to Lisa. I would like some pie. Apparently, there is pie of many varieties. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, and trifle. I like Thanksgiving at Grandma Green’s house. I’m giving the computer back to Donald now.

Regardless of the “origin” of this American holiday of Thanksgiving, it IS a time of reflection, of being with those we care for (our “Family” of any description), and recognizing the bounty of the years harvests. Today, please remember those that are absent from our tables, who have no table to sit at today, and those who provide the feast we will consume.

Happy Feasting, Happy Thanksgiving.

We’ve got House Rules. This is them.

  • 0. We are here to Have Fun!.
  • 0.5. No one will leave until sober.
  • 1. There are no racial limits on classes, except those that are specific to a single race from Kits.
  • 2. There are no level limits on classes either.
  • 3. See DM before creating a Bard.
  • 3.5. Psionics annoy the DM. They are Disallowed.
  • 4. Some items Do Not Exist
    • Adamantine
    • Arquebus
  • 5. All Characters need to be kept track of on one of the following forms:
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