Alter Ego: Shoeshine Guy

One thing I’m always trying to keep in mind is the internal list and monologue of how to find out information. Knowing where one can find a given piece of information when one needs it is very important.

I had to buy shoe polish and related supplies today. As I was walking through town, I thought to myself “What does one tip the Shoe Shine guy at the Airport?”, since I can see myself using his services in my travels. If I had an ettiquette book, I would look it up, but any I have ready access to are most certainly out of date, so I asked Peter, my caffeine dealer (aka, owner of Bombadill’s coffee house, and the ex cabbie)

Peter says that if the shoe shiner charges under $5, pay him $5. If it’s over $5, pay $1 or some percentage. I the guy is REALLY GOOD, and does a great job on your shoes, then all bets are off and you have to go with your gut.

Finally, if he does a great job, and is reading the New York Times as you come up, keeps you entertained with the patter and such, and actually relates something he notices about you or something you say to the New York Times, then he is really a superhero and Shoe Shine Guy is his everyday disguise, so you need to tip him even more, and suppport your local super hero.

Todays Moral: Support your local superheros. Get your shoes shined at the airport.


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