Update from Gimpalicious Don

Last Monday, I was working on a project at work, when I had a shooting pain go through my forearm. I have come to find out that it is some kind of repetitive stress injury, and it will probably take a few weeks for at all the work out, but I will need to be aware of this problem in the future.

So I have come to a strange mental place, where I am reviewing the way I interact and provide input to my computer. I have started using a dictation software called iListen, I have been testing note the different mice I have to find a which one hurts the least to use, and being more aware of body positioning and such while I use the computer. I have tried starting to be left handed with my mouse, but I’m going to need to find some children’s games that teach good mouse skills. I have been training iListen, but I do not know how I am going to survive on a Unix command line or in this logging software, as there is much I need to tight that is not something that is generally spoken. Only time will tell, but gods do I hope my wrist gets better soon.

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  1. RSI’s suck- I had to shift to a left-handed mouse about 5 years ago- I’m now actually as good with the mouse left-handed- I really recommend you train yourself on the “right hand mouse” settings (ie primary click on the left) so you don’t have change the settings on every computer you use.
    Good luck Donald- we can’t have you not on a machine regularly!

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